Is Guggenheim coming to Finland?

On Friday, January 23 we had the honour of having a guest speaker, Sanna-Maria Jantti, who is in charge of the project to prepare the way for the museum. This took place at Silta-Klubi located in Helsinki, Finland. 




There has been a lot of discussion of whether or not the Finnish capital city is prepared for such an investment and whether or not the country needs such a huge museum on its capital turf.

Ms. Jantti was able to clarify many things for us last Friday night. She explained how it would be a wonderful investment for our country and bring about more tourists and more jobs to Helsinki. Also the quality of international artwork that would be available for the average Finn to admire at their own leisure in their own country would be well worth the cultural investment.

We also heard about the architectural competition and were surprised to see the fantastic buildings the world famous architects had in mind. They really seemed futuristic. We are look forward to seeing what will actually happen. Stay tuned for more!