English Camp 2015

Every year we go to Lithuania to teach English to a large group of Lithuanian school girls. This year we were a group of 6 who went: Lissy, Axa, Hetti, Jenni, Taika and Hanna.

First we went through Riga to visit for half a day and then we continued to Kaunas where we spent the night. We finally left to the campsite on Sunday the 14th of June and stayed there for one entire week.

A normal schedule was wake up around 8 am, breakfast and then a meeting of tutors (counsellors) to plan the day. Then two hours of English lessons, 2 hours of sports, lunch, a formation talk (how to be a better person, or on a virtue), ”lake time”, workshops (dance, arts and crafts, journalism and theater). After that was dinner and a fun get together for the girls and then our own. Here are some pictures so you can see how much we enjoyed.

Liettua Lissy 2015 064

Super teachers: Hetti, Axa, Jenni and Gabija

Liettua Lissy 2015 067

Hanna doing arts and crafts with the girls


Finnish night! Hetti, Taika, Jenni, Hanna, Lissy and Gabija


Jenni and her journalism group


The campsite


St. John’s celebration (Juhannus)

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