Silta-Klubi is projected to last a long time. After having found its present location in 2000 and renovating the premises in 2009-2010, many more girls have had the opportunity to benefit from the activities.

Attractive material surroundings (building, furniture, etc.) play a great role in providing a family atmosphere, forming human virtues and educating in good taste. To keep the project running, we count on the collaboration of people who appreciate Silta-Klubi.

Bank Nordea Account number: FI93 1313 3000 1075 28 (KKE ry)

IBAN: FI93 1313 3000 1075 28

List of donors


1. Varma, Finland
2. Wärtsilä Corporation, Finland
3. Hartwall OY AB, Finland
4. Iris Hilgersom, graphic designer, Helsinki , Finland
5. Lola Pérez Garre, Chemical engineer , Madrid , Spain
6. Aune Brotherus-Kettunen, Helsinki, Finland
7. Sebastian Uutela, Helsinki, Finland
8. Dori Arceo, Accountant , California , U.S.A.
9. Mari Jäälinoja, student in 3D visualization, Helsinki , Finland
10. Helen Del- Rosario- Accountant, California, U.S.A.
11. Natividad Aubá, university teacher, Madrid , Spain
12. José Miguel Villacampa, doctor, Madrid , Spain
13. Carlos Villacampa and Family, Zaragoza , Spain
14. Jaycelle Bondad, nurse, Helsinki , Finland
15. Linda Ezquerra, Helsinki , Finland
16. Maria del Carmen Aresté, Zaragoza, Spain
17. Brigitte de Baudus de Fransures, Paris, France
18. Viviane and Genato, Madrid, Spain
19. Juge Böstman, teacher, Espoo, Finland
20. Perhe Lautsilta, Vantaa, Finland
21. Mari Jyränki, student in medicine, Oulu, Finland
22. Perhe Bialdyga, Finland
23. Felipe Villacampa, doctor, Madrid , Spain
24. Ana Azarola, Madrid , Spain
25. Rosa Gallego, Madrid , Spain
26. María Parra Pintado, student of Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain
27. Saúl Rodríguez Torres, student of Information Technology, Madrid, Spain
28. Paula Reventún, student, Madrid, Spain
29. Pablo toledano, student, Madrid, Spain
30. Nacho Vallejo, student, Madrid, Spain
31. Javier Rodriguez-Rabadán Benito, student, Madrid, Spain
32. Jose Luis Mendez, student, Madrid, Spain
33. Josito Blanco, student, Madrid, Spain
34. Juan Pablo Serrano, student, Madrid, Spain
35. Rodrigo Tamayo, student, Madrid, Spain
36. Gema Ramirez, student, Madrid, Spain
37. Fernando Nodrid Domenech, student, Madrid, Spain
38. Marcos Nodrid Domenech, student, Madrid, Spain
39. Luis Nodrid Domenech, student, Madrid, Spain
40. Esmeralda Torres Tapia, analist, Madrid, Spain
41. Saúl Rodríguez Astucuri, Madrid, Spain
42. Rebeca Ocampo, Guadalajara, México
43. Familia Cervantes, Guadalajara, México
44. Lucía Capape y familia, Madrid, Spain