Since 1988 Silta Klubi has been offering cultural activities to young women of school age and university level.

Silta Klubi offers girls and young women from girls and young women of university age the opportunity to develop their sense of freedom and responsibility in the process of acquiring human virtues. Through different activities, the girls shaIMG_0217pe their personalities by learning how to work with and respect others. Close

collaboration with parents is also fundamental at Silta-Klubi

 Activities include study techniques, language courses, video forum, theater, baking, dancing, handicrafts, sports, excursions and summer camps as well as visits to the elderly and handicapped.

Primary school

  • Cooking and handcrafts- club

    • Maria Cervantes
      Phone: +358 45 125 2726
  • Media-club

    • Alexandra Lahti-Nuuttila
      Phone: +358 44 202 7424

Middle schoolIMG_0194

  • Acting-club

    • Maria Cervantes
      Phone: +358 45 125 2726

High School

  • Spanish language course

    • Maria Cervantes
      Phone: +358 45 125 27262012_10_06_PrepIreland (2)
  • Ruskis

  • Leadership

    • Lissy Clement
    • Phone: +358 45 113 1723

Volunteer work

every second Tuesday we visit the Ruskeasuo-school and spend time with physically disabled children and teenagers. Activities vary from baking to playing games!

We also visit old people regularly and prepare some songs to sing for them and simply spend some tiem with them.

Spiritual activities

We offer  spiritual occasions to everybody despite personal beliefs.

Spiritual activities of Silta-klubi is entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church.

Summer and holidays activities (camps)

during the year we organize camps from club-members mainly in a camping center in Heinola called Malminharju. We organize fall break camps, weekend camps and summer camps every year.

For the youngest of the club we organize a one week day-camp in Silta-klubi in the beginning os summer and for the older club members we organize a camp in Malminharju.

We also participate in a summer camp in lithuania every year as camp leaders. Every year we gather a group of high school students who can participate as leaders and teach English for 9-15 year old Lithuanian girls. We have travelled from Finland to this particular camp already since 1991.


Study has an important role in Silta-klubi. The development of good study habits enlightens to think about one’s own values and how to fulfill them in everyday life.

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