Spiritual activities club

Silta-Klubi offers Christian spiritual activities, such as days of recollection, meditations and doctrine courses to those interested regardless of belief or creed.

What are meditations?

Meditations are a time for prayer directed by a Catholic priest. They offer practical ways to help you discover God and come closer to him in your studies and everyday life.

Meditations are held on Fridays from 17.30-18.00.


What is a retreat?

A retreat is time spent in silence away from the daily routine. During this time you can peacefully meditate on how you can put into practice your faith at school, work, in family life and relationships. Retreats offer the opportunity to pray helps to look at life with greater joy and discover what points of character can improve.


On the second Friday of each month from 17.00 to 19.00


  • Rosary
  • Meditation
  • Talk

Weekend Retreat Dates:


Weekend retreat begins Friday with dinner at 19.00 and ends after lunch on Sunday around 14.00. The retreat is in Malminharju (Heinola).

Departure from Helsinki on Friday at 16:00 and arrival in Helsinki on Sunday at 18:00
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