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Conference for Students US: How to Build an Empire in the 20th Century

On September 30th 2016 as part of our Friday conferences for university students, Paolo Amorosa, researcher at the University of Helsinki, explained  the rise of the US to a world empire during the early 20th century.

World Youth Day in Cracow 2016

This year we went with students to see the Holy Father Pope Francis with millions of other young people in Cracow, Poland for the World Youth Day. It was challenging to sleep in tents and combat the rain and mud, but also rewarding to see the Pope and go through such a fantastic experience. There […]

English Camp in Lithuania 2016

Once again we went to Lithuania to teach English to a group of 8-14 year olds. The teachers were Hetti who went for the second year in a row, Anna, Sabrina, Emilie, Axa and Maria. It took place in June the week before Midsummer’s. Here are some pictures. Join us next year!

Kevätjuhla 20.5

Tervetuloa viettämään kanssamme lukuvuoden päästöstä tulevana perjantaina 20.5!! (paina kuvaa nähdäksesi sen suurempana)

Espanjan kielen kurssi 6.-9.6

Kiinnostaako espanjan kielen oppiminen? Entä kiinnostaako Espanjan ja Meksikon kulttuuri ja ruoka? Tai ylipäätänsä haluat kokeilla jotakin hauskaa ja uutta mukavassa ilmapiirissä ja hyvässä seurasa? Tule oppimaan espanjan kieltä Silta-klubiin 6.-9. kesäkuuta natiivipuhujien kanssa! Luvassa paljon hauskaa toimintaa! (paina alla olevaa kuvaa nähdäksesi suuremman kuvan)  

Joulujuhla / Christmas Party

  Tervetuloa viettämään taas toista joulua kanssamme! Luvassa on jouluherkkuja, kerhon jouluesitys sekä yhteislauluja! Tulkaa perheenne ja ystävienne kanssa!   Welcome to spend yet another Christmas with us! We will have seasonal treats, a performance prepared by the club and lovely music! Come with your family and friends!  

Joulukampanja/Christmas campaing

  Tänä jouluna järjestämme joulukampanjan, jonka tarkoituksena on antaa 12-17 vuotiaille pakolaisille joululahjaksi herkkupaketin. Vierailemme Espoossa vastaanottokeskuksessa 20.12 ja tarvitsemme apua pakettien muodostamisessa. Voitte auttaa lahjoittamalla herkkuja lahjoihin!   This Christmas we are arranging a Christmas campaign. The purpose is to give 12-17 year-old refugees a Christmas present with Finnish sweets and other treats! We will […]

The Joy of Giving Joy…by Cleaning

  It is hard to realize the value of the ability to do everyday household chores before you encounter a person who, because of one reason or another, has not been able to clean their kitchen in years. And how much you can do by just taking up a bucket of water and a rag: […]

The history of piracy

  On the 20th of March 2015 Dr. Walter Rech, author of Enemies of Mankind, came to Silta-Klubi to tell us about the history of piracy.We learned that unlike today, during the Greek period pirates were heroes. All changed during the Roman period. The development of a powerful navy made society decide who would be […]

Is Guggenheim coming to Finland?

On Friday, January 23 we had the honour of having a guest speaker, Sanna-Maria Jantti, who is in charge of the project to prepare the way for the museum. This took place at Silta-Klubi located in Helsinki, Finland.      There has been a lot of discussion of whether or not the Finnish capital city […]

What is behind the Russia-Ukraine conflict?

Magdalena Kmak spoke to us about the Ukraine-Russia conflict, one that hits close to home since we share a 2,000 km border with Russia and have had a past history of conflicts. She helped us understand the problem with more sensitivity, taking into consideration history and the sides of both nations. Magdalena is a Lecturer in […]

Silta-klubi sings March 13, 2014

We were asked to make up the choir for the memorial mass for Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the successor to the Founder of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, at St. Henrik’s Church in Helsinki.   Thanks to Sari on the organ and Aino and Axa, it turned out quite ok.    

Image, Communication and Elegance. Let your Beauty Shine!

The practical seminar in Tallinn was a complete success and great fun. The seminar was a milestone in our way of approaching elegance. It also has helped us in practical matters, like how to choose suitable colours for ourselves  – and most interestingly – for those close to us! We are very thankful to Rävala cultural center […]

Matti Mielonen, HS tiedottaja

Matti Mielonen, journalist from Helsingin Sanomat, spoke this Friday about his profession and about the Higgs particle, a monumental discovery in the world of science. He was the write of the article. He is enthusiastic about the scientific topics and this article was one of his favorites. We laugh and learned with Matti. He is […]

Science and virtue of a manager

Sanna Villikka puhui Silta-klubissa ’Science and Virtue of a Manager’, hän on Erik Castrén Institute:n kansainvälisen oikeuden toimitusjohtaja.

The right to be forgotten

Tobias B. antoi puhe: Privacy in the 21st century – the right to be forgotten. yksityisyyden asiantuntija joka keskittyy teknologian laihin

Nicolai Marschan puhui Mannerheimin elämästä

Nicolai Marschan, joka asiantuntija Mannerheimin elämästä ja on työskennellyt Mannerheim-museossa, puhui suuri suomalainen hahmosta, Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

Suomen Pankkista puhuja

Suomen Pankista tullut asiantuntija: Senior Economic Adviser in the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) v.2010-2011 Hän antoi puhetta: ’Eurooppa kriisissä: miksi tapahtui ja miten se vaikuttaa meitä?’

Young candidate to the Parliament of Finland

On the 25th of February 2012 Eeva Kärkkäinen, who is a (very) young candidate for the elections (17.4) for representatives in the Parliament of Finland told us about her experience in political life and share with us her knowledge of Finnish politics. Many of us got to know better the parties in Finland and their […]

Helsingin 200 vuotta

Matti Helminen, erikoistutkija tuli puhumaan aiheesta: ’200 vuotta Helsinki pääkaupunkina’. Se oli erittäin mielenkintoinen, emme koskaan tienneet että Helsingillä on semonen tausta, kiitos tosi paljon!

Why is every one talking about China?

Chen Yifeng, Post-doctoral Researcher at the Erik Castrén Institute of International Law and Human Rights talked at Silta Klubi about: Why is every one talking about China?

Kuolemaan tuomitut suomalaiset Suomessa toisen maailmansodan aikana

Tasavallan presidentin oikeudellinen neuvonantaja Jukka Lindstedt tuli puhumaan. Jukka Lindstedt puhui aiheesta Kuolemaan tuomitut suomalaiset Suomessa toisen maailmansodan aikana.