Application form:
1. Fill out this application(word) or PDF and send it to us by email, or post.2. Read the contract and make sure you are willing to abide by our rules and regulations.

*Applications are handled by order in which they are received

For more information: Elisabeth Clement, 0451 131 723 / +358 451 131 723  

Price: 555€/big room and 540€/small room

NB! The residence might be closed during the summer depending on the year. For more information contact Elisabeth Clement.

Our mission:

Our vision:

  • To provide good quality accommodation for students at university, in a pleasant environment.
  • To create an atmosphere of intellectual enquiry and encourage stimulating discussion by means of seminars and cultural activities aimed at broadening perspectives.
  • To offer opportunities for active personal commitment to addressing people’s needs, through specific social projects at home and abroad.
  • In the framework of Christian principles, we recognize the value of each person and the richness of every country and culture.
  • We place friendship at the centre of everyday relationships, so as to bring out the best in people.
  • We foster solidarity as a way of acting so that each individual can work to achieve a more equitable distribution of world wealth and reduce poverty.


Residents should be:

  • high school or university students
  • someone who takes her studies seriously
  • open to living in a family atmosphere – having meals together and participating in tasks around the house
  • interested in meeting people from other universities
  • appreciate an international environment
  • respect the schedule of the residence