Ruta, Latvian, studies biology.
Everyone supports and listens to each other! At dinner we could spend time together sharing the events of the day. And those awesome evenings watching movies, singing karaoke and listening to presentations about other countries… I can't forget the Christmas evening with children. Now everyone in Silta klubi knows the refrain of a Latvian folk song – Totati! And till this moment I have never had such an emotional birthday – it was Surprise of surprises!
Fernanda, Nicaraguan (third from the left), studies early childhood education.
Living in Silta during my Internship in Helsinki: Silta has all the commodities a university residence might offer, but the one thing that makes it so special is something you won't find elsewhere: the girls that live in it, my dear housemates and friends. These wonderful, young ladies have taught me the meaning of true friendship and companionship, teamwork, loyalty, respect, love and care for others, and with it, made me feel at home every single day. Even though my stay was short (9 weeks), this has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Mirjam, Finnish, studied fashion design and now nursing.
The people and atmosphere at Silta has helped me to grow as a person in every way. I really recommend living here.
Afsi, Iranian, studies Construction Technology.
A very special place to have privacy and social communication in a multicultural environment at the same time. An opportunity to save more time for studying while everything is prepared and done for you. A great place to make memorable moments with unforgettable friends.
Kristiina, Suomesta, opiskelee teologia
Mielestäni Silta-Klubissa yhdistyvät itsenäisen ja yhdessä asumisen edut. Voin tarvittaessa keskittyä opintoihini rauhallisessa ympäristössä mutta myös osallistua yhteisiin aktiviteetteihin esimerkiksi retkien, juttutuokioiden kuin elokuvienkin kastelun merkeissä. Ilmapiiri on keskuksessa avoin ja ystävällinen, ja ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus tavata ihmisiä ympäri Suomea ja maailmaa. Suosittelen asuntolaa jokaiselle vastuuntuntoiselle opiskelijalle!
Margarita, Russian, studies journalism.
I really enjoyed my stay in Silta. It was very comfortable, cozy and home-like. It is also like living in a big house with friends, much fun and you learn a lot at the same time. Its a perfect place to lead a healthy lifestyle, to study and even show your talents and smartness. I would most definitely recommend it to any girl!